April 2 HR Chat: Mastering Virtual Working

We’re bringing the community together through free webinars / Q&A sessions with our team and other experts. Here are the details for how to join: Quaranteam HR and Finance Chats. Here are the updates from the latest webinar on mastering virtual working.

2020-April-2 HR Quaranteam Chat

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The new dress code is the Business Mullet. Professional up top, sweatpants on the bottom

– Bronwen Kenyon

What to look out for when mastering a virtual team

  • Diminishing mental health – fatigue, isolation, uncertainty
    • Understand everyone’s situation
  • Productivity decline – lack of alignment
    • Momentum on established tasks/projects carries for a few weeks
    • Expectation gaps widen as time goes on
  • Decrease in quality of work
  • Increase in distracted workers 
  • Inefficiencies being brought to light

More great tips for employers and employees alike in the webinar video, or in the downloadable slide deck listed above!