What Can I Expect to Pay?

We will only engage if we can create more value than we charge. We will work with you during our discovery meetings to customize the services you need. Most of our services are provided on a fixed fee project basis, making it easier for you to manage your budget.

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What Value Can I Expect

Net Income Increases

138% average for all clients, by implementing efficient and reliable accounting practices.

Revenue Increases

1.5x average annual revenue increase; a client tripled sales revenue in one year of working with us.

Cash Savings

Based on our analysis our client refinanced equipment, resulting in $30,000 gained on a risk free investment.

Improved AR

In just 4 hours, we discovered $200,000 of uninvoiced work and then helped collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in a 6 month period.

Growth Focus

We freed up 25% of one founder’s time, previously spent on financial management, so he could focus on growing his business.

Prevent Duplicate Work

We identified 20% of a work week being spent by 2 people on duplicated work.

Increased Profit Margins

Provided 15% improvement in gross margin by improving how one client did its buying and pricing.

Access to Investment

We’ve helped clients close funding from $0.5 to $5 million, and have helped clients obtain Government Grants

Monthly Fixed-Fee Pricing Guide

The prices below are rough guidelines only. We price each service individually for your unique needs.

Monthly Start Build Scale
CFO + Bookkeeping Service

For startups or companies on a budget, who want solid accounting and bookkeeping and a small amount of CFO advice to avoid making the critical mistakes that affect small companies


For companies that are seeing traction that need the most effective path to scale – a CFO’s help with planning, projections, goal tracking and analysis


For companies that have grown in size and complexity, needing an experienced hands-on finance leader to take responsibility for the financial health of the company, work with investors and manage risk


HR Manager Service

For early stage companies that have grown beyond the core team and are wondering how to manage culture and alignment while scaling.


For small to mid-sized teams with some established management structures, needing strategic HR support for stability during growth.


For medium-sized teams in growth mode and experiencing a shift from an entrepreneurial environment into ‘maturity’. Executives may be noticing siloes developing, cultural drift and loss of visibility – and want solid, proactive HR processes and strategy now.


Projects Pricing Guide

We work on fixed-fee projects. Some are fairly standard, some are custom. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Standard Projects

Custom Projects

Flat fee projects for other Finance and HR services are available – larger projects like HRIS, Accounting, ERP and Inventory systems overhauls will take some effort to price. We care about our ongoing relationship with you, which means finding out everything we need to know about your situation first, then we can price the first stage of working together accurately.

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Real World ROI

“They become a part of the team, roll up their sleeves, dig in and get the job done – allowing us to concentrate on our side of the business.”

-Rick Hoy

“Helina and the team always go the extra mile, they fully understand the challenges of a growing company and know that for them to make a mistake could be life threatening to the company’s future. They become a part of the team, roll up their sleeves, dig in and get the job done – allowing us to concentrate on our side of the business.”

Technical & Services Company

“Whether it’s bookkeeping, accounting and forecasting or tax, and strategic advice, Entreflow takes care of it all so we can focus on our company’s growth.”

Agritech Company

“We worked on our entire HR and recruiting process with Entreflow. It was the best hiring experience I have ever had.”

Manufacturing Company

“Helina and her team helped bring our accounting and processes up to date in preparation for an acquisition. Helina and her team demonstrated tremendous experience and ability in working with us as owners of the business and our previous financial controller to bring our accounts fully up to date together as well as recommending and implementing further accounting processes and efficiencies.”

Travel Technology Company

When is the Right Time to Seek Our Help?

  • You’re looking for change from your current provider
  • You realize your financial plan and internal controls need more attention
  • You’re a growth company wanting to formalize and track growth
  • You’re preparing for a strategic business transaction that requires due diligence scrutiny on your Accounting and HR
  • You’re looking for an effective change to your accounting or HR systems
  • You require senior financial or HR support for in-house bookkeeping
  • You’re building your growth and leadership team and want to attract and retain talented employees

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