We typically work on a fixed fee basis, either monthly recurring or projects. Guidelines are below, but we’ll take the time to get to know your needs and budget before providing a proposal.

Financing & Accounting Fees

CFO + Accounting

  • Investor support, forecasting, controllership, bookkeeping, budgeting, reporting, CPA accountants, advice from qualified CFOs…


  • Corporate T2 tax filing, NTR, tax planning, personal tax for business owners, international tax consultations, multi-year clean up projects…


  • Payroll processing, payroll tax, reimbursements and variable compensation, payroll audit support, onboarding, offboarding, ROE, T4 filings…

We’re your full finance team. We give you a clear financial picture of what’s happening in your business, we help deal with investors and we keep your books clean. We provide financial analysis, decision support, budgets and forecasts. We help set goals, design KPI and implement strong internal controls. We take care of all your payroll and tax needs. Above all, we help you scale up.

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HR Consulting and Recruitment Fees


Flat fee/hire
  • Fixed fee recruitment, custom built process, you own the candidate pool, tech forward. Monthly fee available…

HR Director

  • Culture & Alignment, learning & development, policy and procedures, termination support, growth planning…

HR Setup

  • ESA policy handbook setup, payroll and benefits setup, org chart design, hiring plan, onboarding plan guidance …

Startups and fast-growing companies often use us as their HR team, because we ‘get it’. We’re not big-corporate HR. We help you create strong alignment and culture, plan your growth to avoid bumps in the road, help you hire and ensure your employees develop. We implement programs and build policies that everyone loves. And we ensure you’re in compliance always. Above all, we help you grow a high performance team.

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Other Projects Fees

Accounting Setup

  • Personalized Accounts Chart
  • Reporting Configuration
  • Basic Apps Integration

Catch Up Bookkeeping

Ask Us
  • Accounting Records Cleanup
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • CRA Check

HRIS Setup

  • Needs Analysis
  • Software Selection
  • Workflow and Automations

We’re tech forward, systems setup and integration experts. We thrive on catch-up, clean-up and change management. We define processes that scale and we design systems that help data flow smoothly. Clients commonly come to us for setting up a new company, migrating to a cloud-accounting software like Quickbooks online or Xero, implementing a small-business ERP or ecosystem of connected apps, setting up an HRIS or catch-up/clean-up on bookkeeping. We are one of the only CPA accounting firms in Canada that has a dedicated implementation team.

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But don’t just take our word for it

“They become a part of the team, roll up their sleeves, dig in and get the job done – allowing us to concentrate on our side of the business.”

– Rick Hoy, serial entrepreneur of 30 companies, founder of The Eclipse Group (£33M exit)

“Obvious finance expertise aside, I love working with Helina and the team. Great people, very smart, fun and willing to ask us the hard questions.”

– Bill Dennis, CEO and Co-Founder, Quantum Data Technologies

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