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We want your whole team to feel that your company is a great place to work, a place where people can unleash their potential, a place where the team works together to achieve the impossible. We want to minimize the amount of time you spend on people problems – instead setting structures, expectations, compensation, culture and alignment to get everyone rowing the same boat. Who doesn’t want that?

We partner with executives at high-growth companies, giving them the tools they need to grow their team effectively. We know you care about your people, but you’ve got so many things to worry about and typical corporate HR doesn’t fit with dynamic growing companies. So we bring the best of both worlds: Senior HR Consultants to set people strategy and programs in motion, and simple HR systems to keep things running smoothly, easily and in compliance.

Best of all, we understand how HR fits into the typical growth, investment and exit curve. And we’ve seen due diligence through.

A unique approach to HR that fits Growth Mode

We’ve founded companies. We’ve grown small teams before from nothing, so we get it. And we’ve designed an HR Consulting service specifically for small and high-growth companies.  It starts with planning and workshopping growth, then each month implementing the specific programs, tools and policies you will need in time with your growth. An achievable pace, guidance and problem solving along the way, and a predictable low monthly fee.

Key Benefits
Organization Structure Planning that gives everyone a clear mission and purpose

Would you rather your Organization Structure evolved accidentally, or at least partially by design? Have you considered team-based, departmental, matrix and pod-based structures? We’ll workshop with you to build a future state org. chart, clear roles and responsibilities, and no pigeon holes.

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Developing simple HR Policies that everyone knows and loves

So much drama can be avoided by simple expectation setting. We’ll develop Policies and Employee Handbooks that aren’t boring to read or write. We’ll implement employee review and onboarding structures that set up success, and all the other structure that people need to thrive without feeling restricted. All people. No boring.

Compensation plans that create alignment and inspire performance

We’ve designed compensation plans for companies of 2 employees and 9000 employees. It’s all about alignment of incentives, psychology, simplicity and measurement. Commission, bonuses, equity/options and vesting, salary, non-monetary, health and wellness. It’s all part of the mix.

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Our Team of HR Consultants

We are CPHR professionals, MBAs and systems thinkers. We have over a decade of experience working in all areas of HR – from compensation, to recruitment, to policies and procedures, to software implementation, to metrics reporting. Collectively our team has implemented dozens of software apps – from small business to large scale enterprise – countless times. We know HR and we know software implementation.

 Our insights

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Our clients say the nicest things

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“They have seriously helped my business get organized and take things that were holding us back from moving forward off of our hands.”

Daniel Moscovitch | More Hot Leads

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“Helina and the team are a joy to work with. They are so down to earth, charismatic and tech savy, that getting help from Entreflow is easy and a breath of fresh air.”

Pax Frias | Restore Human

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