Replay: R&D Tax Credits USA

About the Event

Together we’ll be exploring US Federal R&D Tax Credits, the process of how they work and how to claim them. Did you know the Federal government sets aside Billions of Dollars every year to award to companies who perform R&D? Did you know startups can claim up to $250,000 per year in R&D credits to offset payroll taxes? Why has no one told you about this before? Well, it’s complicated, and Ardius is here to make it simple.

At a minimum you will learn:

  • What is the R&D Credit?
  • Who could be eligible?
  • What is the process to capture and utilize the Credits?

About the Speakers

Janice has spent her career building companies and driving innovation in multiple fields from aerospace manufacturing, VC investing and now a partner with Ardius.

She is thrilled to share the Ardius automation and simplicity for companies to access the “free money” awarded to companies that perform R&D.

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