April 21 Finance Chat: When Things Go Really, Really Wrong

We’ll succeed if we band together through the COVID crisis and recession. Don’t struggle alone. We’re bringing the community together through free webinars / Q&A sessions with our team and other experts. Here are the details for how to join: Quaranteam HR and Finance Chats. Here are the updates from the latest webinar on what to do when things go wrong.

2020-April-21 Finance Quaranteam Chat: When Things Go Wrong

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Keeping the Bank Happy 

  • Communicate early and often.
  • Continue to provide financial reporting on a timely basis and operate within prescribed terms and conditions.
  • Be pro-active – provide revised sales and cash projections and any information that may show “light at the end of the tunnel.”
  • Don’t provide any surprises…(i.e. writing big cheques out of company, assigning company into bankruptcy etc.)
  • Cooperate and remain rational.

Entreflow Free Cash Flow Tool

Risks (Covered In-Depth During Video)

  • Market Risks
  • Financial Risks
  • Employee Risks
  • Legal Risks