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If you do it wrong, or you miss something, you’re going to lose so much time, money and hair trying to work around or fix it. Please get someone who understands workflow, data flow, reporting, sales tax, payroll tax, costing, etc. to set Xero up for you. We are the Xero implementation & bookkeeping service that you need. We’re MBAs, CPAs certified Xero accountants and Silver Partners. Let us help.

To us, Xero accountants, it’s not just a software setup – it’s an Accounting setup for your company. Doing this right means being able to get the insight into your business you’ve always wanted, evaluate what activities are profitable (or not), always be prepared for investor conversations, and keep the government happy.

Our approach

1. AssessmentRigorous process to understand the needs and collect the information required.
2. DesignWorkflows and Chart-of-Accounts recommend apps to integrate, Xero functionality to use
3. ImplementationComplete setup; configure users, items lists, tax, templates and reports. Connect bank accounts and 3rd party software as needed.
4. TrainingCustomized training and resources so that your current and future hires are setup for success. We’re available.

Key Benefits

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A Business That Runs Smoothly

Get the most out of the features of Xero accounting software through our Xero accounting service. Use Xero to its full potential, and best practices. Integrate 3rd party applications to support the workflow. We’re Xero accountants who understand operations. When it’s done right, everything is easier.

Your Meaningful Data

Get the insight into your business that you’ve always wanted. Determine if certain products, projects or activities are profitable/not, compare meaningful expense categories and classes. The chart of accounts must be set up to consider future analysis needs. If it’s not done properly, or the system isn’t configured correctly, data is mashed together and analysis is impossible.

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Always ready for due-diligence, or government review

We’ve been through multi-million dollar investor due diligence, supported companies involved with SRED, IRAP and other government programs. All this is easy if you have the documentation ready – and that starts with a well implemented HRIS

Always ready for investor, bank or government review

Our Xero accountants have been through multi-million dollar investor due diligence, helped companies borrow millions, collaborated on SRED, IRAP and other government programs, and prepared lots of companies for year end taxes. All this is easy if you’re ready. And being ready starts with a proper Accounting Setup.

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 Our insights

Benefits of Migrating from PC Law to Quickbooks/Xero/Clio Online

April 11, 2019

Say you’ve been using PC Law for the past while, but you’ve noticed that the workflow isn’t as smooth as you’d like. You may have also noticed that your competitors are finding it easier to complete tasks like payroll, asset tracking, accept online payments, and other things you wish you could be doing more efficiently.

How to Build a Kickass Team: #3 — Workflow Mastering

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This month we are doing a vlog and blog series on How to build a kickass team! If you want to check out the video version of this blog be sure to check out our youtube page, it includes awesome footage of our cross provincial trip to Calgary.

Beyond Bookkeeping

April 11, 2019

Whether they are using bookkeeping services or in-house employees, owners look for more that just compliance bookkeeping today. At a recent Xero Bookkeeping conference, they suggested Code Free Bookkeeping is on the horizon.


Our clients say the nicest things

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“They have seriously helped my business get organized and take things that were holding us back from moving forward off of our hands.”

Daniel Moscovitch | More Hot Leads

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“Helina and the team are a joy to work with. They are so down to earth, charismatic and tech savy, that getting help from Entreflow is easy and a breath of fresh air.”

Pax Frias | Restore Human

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Our Team of Accountant Consultants

We’re CPA’s, CPB’s, MBA’s and Xero accountants & experts. We’re here to help. Our team has been using Xero daily for over a decade. We know all the functionality inside and out. We’ve been implementing Xero for 2 years (that’s a long time in the cloud-accounting world). We’ve been training people to use the software effectively for the same time. We beta test and influence development of new features.

Collectively our team has implemented dozens of software apps – from small business to large scale enterprise – countless times. So we know software implementation.

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