Cash Flow Tool Spreadsheet Template

Enjoy our free cash flow tool

It’s a cash forecasting spreadsheet template that we’ve been using with clients for years. It works, and best of all, it takes just minutes to update using real data from your QuickBooks or Xero Accounting software.

  1. Set up one – time revenues
  2. Plan out recurring expenses
  3. Plan out MRR and ARR
  4. Get a simple summary that’s easy to understand

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30 day cash flow modeling tool

Cash Flow Tool Features

1. Set up one time revenues (e.g. Project Revenues)

Cash received from projects may come in chunks, depending on payment terms and how reliable the client is. Paste in your Accounts Receivable report, then make your guess about timing of incoming cash and flag risky clients.

2. Plan out recurring expenses

Set up expenses as daily, monthly, biweekly, weekly, annually or quarterly and specify the day of week/month they come out. A spreadsheet that can calculate recurrences! What?! The formulas span multiple sheets and are several lines long. Trust us you don’t want to build this yourself.

3. MRR and ARR

Set up annual and monthly recurring revenues, and what day of the month they’ll hit your bank.

4. Simple Summary

See how it all lands on a simple summary – like this table showing this week and next week. The above graph showing the next 30 days, and a similar one showing the next 6 weeks.

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