June 2 Finance Chat: Your KPIs Need to Change, Immediately

We’ll succeed if we band together through the COVID crisis and recession. Don’t struggle alone. We’re bringing the community together through free webinars / Q&A sessions with our team and other experts. Here are the details for how to join: Quaranteam HR and Finance Chats. Here are the updates from the latest webinar on Your KPIs Need to Change, Immediately.

2020-June-2 Finance Quaranteam Chat: Your KPIs Need to Change, Immediately

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KPIs Highlights and Resources

Why Your KPIs Need to Change Immediately

  • Unless your business has been unaffected by COVID, your targets need to be adjusted
  • Consider adjusting your key performance indicators
  • Consider adjusting Indicators used for bonuses, etc.
  • Focus on how you are positioning your business as an empathic business

Consider Empathy


  • Sympathy is a shared feeling, usually of sorrow, pity or compassion for another person. You show concern for another person when you feel sympathy for them.


  • Empathy is stronger than sympathy. It is the ability to put yourself in the place of another and understand someone else’s feelings by identifying with them.