September 29th Secret Weapon Chats: Predictable Sales in Uncertain Times


About the Event

Predictable Sales in Uncertain Times

“How should I forecast sales?” As fractional CFOs and accounting professionals for growth-stage companies, we’re often asked this question. Companies that are well out of start-up mode realize that the path to scale is paved with predictable sales. In one of the most turbulent years in memory, the need for predictably successful sales efforts is even greater than ever.

But how can we get reliable Revenue in an uncertain time? How can CEOs and CFOs plan growth when the road ahead in 2020 is so bumpy and winding that even the GPS has given up?

The secret lies in a proven sales methodology called Values Based Sales.

In this webinar, we covered:
  • How to build a revenue generation engine within your business that produces revenue predictably
  • How to set that revenue generation engine up for scalability
  • How to construct a self reliant sales team that frees you up from being the primary sales engine and having to work “in” your business so you can spend more time working “on” your business
  • How to project or forecast sales and revenue
  • The difference between a sales forecast and a revenue forecast

About the speakers

Rob Malek is an author, consultant, active keynote speaker to the business community and business columnist. Based in Vancouver British Columbia he has been helping his clients increase the revenue their company’s generate while operating more effectively as an organization since 2001. He regularly addresses audiences such as TEC, EO and Women’s President Organization to name a few. Prior to starting his consulting practice Rob worked his way through the sales ranks, winding up his corporate career as a Vice President Business Development. Originally from Toronto, Rob spent four years living and working in the United States in a start-up environment, helping to build the US division of a Canadian transportation company from scratch. That enterprise grew to $18M USD over the course of that time.

Iain Rogers is CRO and Founder of Entreflow Consulting Group.

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