June 16 QT Chat: Cybersecurity and Remote Working

We’ll succeed if we band together through the COVID crisis and recession. Don’t struggle alone. We’re bringing the community together through free webinars / Q&A sessions with our team and other experts. Here are the details for how to join: Quaranteam HR and Finance Chats. Here are the updates from the latest webinar on Cybersecurity and Remote Working.

2020-June-16 Finance QT Chat: Cybersecurity and Remote Working

Download the slides HERE


Common Tactics 

Ransomware Creates disruption for financial gain

Credential based attacks Enabling hackers to gain entry

Breaches based on known vulnerabilities First step in identifying a weak security posture

Social Engineering Targets individuals to gain credentials and access

DDOS Creates disruption and can be used as a smoke screen for more complex attacks , or just annoying.