March 26 HR Chat

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2020-March-26 HR Quaranteam Chat

management consulting services wave lines
management consulting services wave lines

Additional Answers, Resources and Links

Canada Emergency Response Benefit: This is for the benefit that was announced earlier this week (Mar 23rd) for a $2000/month allowance for all those affected by COVID and who would not normally be eligible for EI benefits:

How to Apply for E.I: For those who have not yet dealt with EI

How to Apply for Web ROE: For company owners who may need help, alternatively, get in contact with our team!


Quick Reference for employers from Osler:

Download the slides here:

Registering for Web ROE: It’s hard to get a hold of CRA right now to deal wit ROEs. So it is more prudent to go through Web ROE, though the process takes about a week to 2 weeks to get set up so register now if you are concerned about having to make layoffs in the coming future.

Keeping the culture strong: Now more than ever teams need to focus on a good culture; having virtual coffee breaks, one on ones, cameras on during video calls, anything to keep the sanity, and the unity going.

Employee engagement: Within that same wheelhouse, checking in with your team and having one on ones even more often than before. People may tend to show a brave face during all of this so make sure to be almost overly engaged with your team.

Crisis Management: Make sure you are conveying to you team the importance of empathy right now. Whether or not you deal with other businesses in your work life, these people are going through massive changes that are affecting their pride and joy, their metaphorical baby as it were. An extra amount of empathy, sincerity, and patience will go far in the eyes of your clients