About the Event

Across many industries, businesses are leveraging cloud-based technologies including accounting software, CRMs, and production management software to increase efficiencies and profits, and reduce costs. With the added challenges added to businesses in the past two years, there is no better time to transform the technology in your business. Aside from the benefits above, better systems and processes lead to increased employee retention and productivity, better safety measures and quicker onboarding. From a management perspective, leadership will have faster, better access to reliable data from which to make important decisions. Whether you are growing your business, stabilizing your business, or positioning your business for an M&A event, this webinar will give you tangible takeaways to implement in your business right away.

About the Speakers

Helina Patience, CPA, CMA is CEO of Entreflow Consulting Group, an Finance, HR and Marketing consulting firm specialising in high growth, tech startup and manufacturing industries. She has nearly 15 years of experience in finance and HR from the UK, Ireland, India and Canada. Helina managed HR and compensation for multi-national corporations before working as a Financial Analyst at Lululemon. She joined Entreflow five years ago to roll out Financial, HR and Software consulting services to the existing Marketing services. She runs a team of 24 consultants dedicated to innovative, tech-focused and goal-crushing consulting.

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