We help start-ups, small businesses and growth companies crush their goals. We understand growth strategy, and we work efficiently to achieve quick wins. Through our Accounting, CFO, Systems and HR management consulting services, we ensure that there is a solid foundation to grow on.

Yes, we’re a CPA accounting firm. We’re CFOs and senior advisors for high-growth companies. We implement strategies and technologies and do your bookkeeping and taxes.

We’re a licenced recruitment agency and we have CPHR designated Senior HR Consultants. We know how to set people strategies, design policies and hire the best talent.

We are award winning experts in cloud accounting and management apps. We implement software and workflows for effortless operations.

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About Our Team

We are entrepreneurs and innovators, just like you. We have built businesses from the ground up ourselves. We know the burdens, the excitement, the highs and the lows, the dreams and the reality. We really love helping businesses grow – it’s our core reason for being.

Our team has reported to the C-Suite at multi-billion dollar companies, we’ve founded and exited startups, we’ve been through multi-million dollar acquisitions, we’ve managed hundreds of employees and hired the first employee, we’ve launched products from scratch and we’ve managed 1 million users. We have lots of letters after our names: MBA, CPA, CMA, CGA, CPB, CPHR, MM given to us by top institutions like Cornell University, Queen’s University, CPABC.

We’ve been where you are. We’ve been where you need to go. And we know how to get there. Oh, and we have really nerdy glasses to prove we’re smart.

Our Purpose

Mission: Entreflow delivers to emerging companies the people, systems and processes they need to crush their goals.
Vision: Entreflow champions the growth of innovative companies, inspiring employees, investors and the next generation of entrepreneurs in Canada
Values: Innovation, Learning, Effectiveness, Integrity, Collaboration, Fun
BHAG: We help to grow One Billion Dollars of enterprise value within our clients
Why: Because we believe that passionate individuals with big ideas will change the world, and we have the tools to elevate them and, as business professionals, we have an obligation to support them.

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