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Inventory management and inventory cost accounting saves cash and prevents operations nightmares

It needs to be accurate at all times to avoid problems. Done poorly, it can lead to shortages, theft, dead stock or overstock

  • Everything Flowing Smoothly

  • No Surprise “Out of Stock”

  • Keep Cash Flowing

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Our Approach

Key Benefits

Feel On Top Of Things

Live without the guesswork of where your inventory costs and counts are at. Deal with hidden problems. Fixing inventory problems will free up operations time and cash for you to focus on the growth of your business.

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Inventory Management
No Surprise “Out of Stock”

Nothing is more disappointing to a customer than expecting an item to be in stock, and finding out there was an inventory  management issue. Keep client satisfaction at 100%.

Keep Your Bottom Line in Sight

Inventory cost accounting can be a huge factor to your bottom line, especially if you are dealing with perishables or a large number of products, assemblies and sub-assemblies. Manage your cash flow by keeping your inventory purchases managed properly.

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Our Clients Say the Nicest Things

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“They have seriously helped my business get organized and take things that were holding us back from moving forward off of our hands.”

Daniel Moscovitch | More Hot Leads

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“Iain and Helina are super knowledgeable, very personable and have a huge amount of integrity. It’s obvious they really care about helping you and your business succeed.”

Jonathan Mosley | Momentum Business Growth

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“Helina and the team are a joy to work with. They are so down to earth, charismatic and tech savy, that getting help from Entreflow is easy and a breath of fresh air.”

Pax Frias | Restore Human

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