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HR Consulting Services

HR Consultants for Start-Ups and Growth Companies

It’s easier the second, third and subsequent times you found a company. Why? Because of HR. I’ve talked to other serial founders about this and we all agree. Finances aside, the process of building a company is easier because we know how to build a team and a culture, how to plan our hiring, how to implement structure and how to develop people.

If you are an executive at a start-up or high-growth company and you don’t have a Senior HR consultant/advisor on your side, we can help. For example, critical HR projects for early-growth stage companies typically include: (1) setting clear compensation, roles and structures for everyone. (2) implementing a simple HRIS system and documenting policies that everyone knows and loves (3) getting very good at recruiting and (4) ongoing people management and development. Failure to execute these items leads to employee retention and engagement problems.

You need an HR Consultant who has designed HR programs and structures at larger companies (because that’s where you’re heading) and small (because that’s where you are). It should be someone who understands how investment rounds and exits affect employees. It should be someone who’s gone through a due diligence process.

Check out our HR Consulting Services below, or call us for a free discovery session.

Our HR Consulting Services

Our recruiting services are designed specifically for scale-ups and high growth companies. Recruiting is part art, part science and all experience. We’ve got the expertise and connections. Our first goal is to help you hire now, and quickly. Our second goal is to help you get very good at hiring – this skill and process can be a competitive advantage.

We’ve designed an HR Consulting program for companies in growth mode. It starts with a strong foundation and a clear plan, and then evolves your HR programs, skills and tools in time with your growth and needs. Try it out with a free discovery session.

HRIS software can make it easy for employees and their managers to onboard, schedule vacation, access HR documents, and manage the people side of the business. But unless you have HR and software implementation experience it can lead to frustration.


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