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Get a unique approach to HR that fits Growth Mode

It starts with planning and workshopping growth, then each month implementing the specific programs, tools and policies you will need in time with your growth. An achievable pace, guidance and problem solving along the way, and a predictable low monthly fee.

  • A Reliable Way to Attract the Right Candidates

  • A System to Stay Organized and Never Miss an Opportunity

  • Avoid Bad Hires and Close the Deal with Confidence Every Time

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Our Approach

Recruitment meets HR Consulting Start by designing the role correctly, then recruit.
Recruiting for growth We understand start-ups and growth companies, the culture, the rapid shifts, and how to hire people that thrive.
Save time Of course we save you the leg-work of posting jobs, screening resumes and phone screens. We also won’t waste your time with candidates you won’t hire.
High success rate Only 2 roles did not close in the last 2 years
Low, predictable cost Others will charge $200/hr or 30% of first year salary. We charge a fixed fee or a monthly retainer

Our Approach

Key Benefits

A Reliable Way to Attract the Right Candidates

We recruit candidates from our networks, your networks and using digital marketing techniques like multivariate testing, posting strategy and keyword optimization (say what? A recruitment firm that understands marketing?)

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A System to Stay Organized and Never Miss an Opportunity

Did a candidate take another job before you took action? Never again, friend! Everyone can use our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) together and our recruiters make sure nothing slips by. Our ATS synchs with your calendar, your email, your job boards, and records notes/evaluations about each candidate in the pipeline.

Avoid Bad Hires and Close the Deal with Confidence Every Time

Experience from 1000’s of interviews helps us see the bad eggs and capture the best. Skills, fact, metric and personality tests ensure fit. Our negotiation experience means we’ll know how to best present the offer and close the deal.

The Alternatives

Traditional Recruitment Agency

  • You pay a substantial fee upon successful hire. (15-30% of salary, so maybe $20,000k+)
    Recruiters own their database of candidates.
  • They may have a few candidates in their pipeline already that fit on paper but haven’t applied to your company.
  • Ideal if you aren’t sure you’re going to hire, if you have loads of cash, or for a last-ditch attempt to hire someone to start next week

Do It Yourself Recruitment

  • Dozens of hours of recruiting admin and screening candidates.
  • $100’s or $1000’s per month on job posting fees.
  • Ideal if you have lots of time, can respond immediately, and have limited cash.

Independent Recruitment Consultant

  • Hourly rates range from $150-$200 per hour
  • Administrative parts of the recruitment process are overly costly
  • Hours and costs may fluctuate
  • One recruiter may have limited experience with certain roles/geographies/industries
  • Typically don’t include ATS Software or Job Ad fees
  • May be the best option if you need just a little help with a specific role

Entreflow Recruitment

  • One low flat fee, including posting fees and ATS
  • More qualified candidates that apply to your company
  • Repeatable hiring process and candidate pool you own
  • Candidate assessments and skills tests included for best fit
  • HR consulting included for comp design, and considering role evolution
  • Alignment of incentives

Our Clients Say the Nicest Things

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“They have seriously helped my business get organized and take things that were holding us back from moving forward off of our hands.”

Daniel Moscovitch | More Hot Leads

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“Iain and Helina are super knowledgeable, very personable and have a huge amount of integrity. It’s obvious they really care about helping you and your business succeed.”

Jonathan Mosley | Momentum Business Growth

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“Helina and the team are a joy to work with. They are so down to earth, charismatic and tech savy, that getting help from Entreflow is easy and a breath of fresh air.”

Pax Frias | Restore Human

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