How to find the right recruitment consultant

Hiring is time-consuming, we get that. You can put lots of time into a candidate and they could take a position elsewhere, or you may post a job and get no candidates at all. We’ve seen it all. If you are thinking about working with an external consultant to help you with recruiting your team, here are some things that you should think about. 


Do your values and the values of the recruitment consultant align? When bringing in an external source, more often than not you are looking for them to come in and support on the most time-consuming part of the process, resume and phone screening. This means that the first representation of your company to potential candidates is going to be your consultant so you are going to want your consultant to be invested and excited by what your company is up to. This way they are able to extend that excitement and interest through the phone screening. Some key traits to look for are:

  • Initial interest and enthusiasm shown by your recruiter
  • Make sure they ask a lot of questions, this shows that they are ready to dig deeper and put in the effort to find the perfect person
  • Are they willing to check in with you regularly? Check-ins are essential to make sure they are keeping in line with your values. You may know the feel of your company forwards and backwards, but they are coming in fresh, and some guidance may be needed

The last thing you want is for the first person that your candidate talks to is someone who doesn’t seem very interested in your company and isn’t getting the candidate excited by who they are going to be working for.


What kind of budget do you have for finding this person? Most recruitment agencies will charge you a fee based on a percentage of the annual salary for the position that you are looking to fill. Meaning that if you are filling a management position with an annual salary of $90k, the fee you could be paying is anywhere from $18,000 – 27,000. That can be hard to justify depending on what your cash flow situation is like. What you could look for is a consultant who charges a flat fee no matter the level of the position, making it more cost-effective and easier on the bank account.

Industry knowledge

Consider the industry that you are working in. Are you a niche industry and niche culture, making positions hard to fill or do you have fairly generic positions and a culture that most people would fit into? There are recruitment consultants out there that specialize in certain industries, this is something you may want to consider when you are doing your research. There are some experts in tech who are really going to understand the requirements and past experience that you need in an iOS developer for example. Industry knowledge may also mean that they have an established network that they would be able to recommend over to you. 

Accessibility of your posting

In the interviewing stage of your consultants and throughout the hiring process you should be asking how your job is getting out on the market and what adjustments are being made if the number of applicants is slowing down. Confirm if they have a standard list of job boards that they just post and leave up there or are they reviewing numbers weekly and changing the posting strategy to make sure that you are getting high-quality candidates. Just because you are getting a high volume of candidates doesn’t mean that they are all high-quality candidates. Some of the job boards that we like to use are:

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Women in Tech

There are a plethora of other options to choose from, each position requires a certain level of testing the waters to ensure that you are getting the right applicants. Depending on the industry, years of experience needed location and position the posting strategy can be slightly different. An administrative position might be better suited to be posted in indeed, whereas an executive-level position you are going to want to focus on LinkedIn. Its all about looking to see where your target applicants are looking for positions. Headhunting also might be the best course of action depending on the position and the number of candidates applying.

At the end of the day, you should be making a decision on a consultant based on what best suits your needs and your company. You should be able to trust your recruitment consultant to get in the candidates that you are looking for to take your teams to the next level.