Financial Consulting Services

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Financial Consulting Services

Financial Growth Hacking for Scale-up Companies

You know the stats – 80% of companies fail in the first 5 years, even among funded startups. The stats say the most common reason for business failure is running out of cash. So yes, you should focus on product-market fit, growth marketing and team building. But you also need to get a financial professional on your side.

We’re not just an Accounting Firm – we’re also CFO and senior advisors. We are accounting technology experts. Through our financial management services, we’ll help you build or improve your business foundations and financial practices that supercharge growth. We’ll make sure your budget and forecast is solid, support you with investor rounds or loan applications, help you find government programs to help scale your business. We’ll help establish goals/KPI, financial systems and processes. We’ll help you measure and analyze success in every area of your business.

We’re a licensed CPA public practice firm that uses the most innovative, time-saving, software to make the process less taxing for you. We are hyper-focused on efficiency and data quality. We are reporting and analytics gurus. We aren’t happy until you get the insight into your business that you are after.

Our company and financial consulting services have been recognized as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking accounting firms in North America. We were recently honoured with being named one of the Top 50 Cloud Accountants of 2018 by Hubdoc.

We work with small businesses and startups. More specifically, Canadian SaaS, eCommerce and Media companies that have some initial traction and need to turn that into rapid growth, particularly on a global scale.

Our Financial Consulting Services

You don’t need a full-time, expensive CFO. A CFO consulting service (a.k.a.fractional CFO) can implement financial growth practices learned from years of experience with large and small companies.

Upgrade your financial management practices for growth mode with our team of CPA accountants and Bookkeepers. We will give you financial management advice, answer accounting questions and close your books monthly.

This service is not just designed to close your books each year and keep the CRA happy.  This is not just bookkeeping clean up. Our online bookkeeping service is designed for businesses who are laser-focused on growth.

Whether you need help with your personal taxes or your corporate taxes, our team of CPAs and accounting advisors have got you covered. We will advise you on where you can save money in the current season and the next.


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