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Did you know that email marketing is the best channel for return on investment after search engine optimization?

We use a combination of the latest industry and emailing best practices to provide the most cost-effective email marketing services that will help your business reach its goals while saving you thousands of dollars.

  • Email Marketing Strategy

  • Design and Programming

  • List Building and Management

  • Reporting and Performance

ROI Email marketing services provide traceable and quantifiable results (clicks, traffic, conversions…). An email marketing strategy is a long term investment allowing businesses to increase their reach both among referrals and end users.
Cost efficient Entreflow is a multidisciplinary team of marketers, designers, programmers and software implementation specialists which allows us to provide you with the fastest solutions and strategies.
Optimized loyalty and customer retention To optimize your marketing budget, our team of marketing experts will make sure that both your customer acquisition strategy and your emailing strategy are optimized and working well together.
Cross channel optimization We make sure that your email campaigns tie with the rest of your marketing efforts for your business to achieve its goals.
Time efficiency Our team of email marketing consultants can automate your email marketing process. This will improve the relevancy and timeliness of your campaigns in addition to help you save time and money.

Our Approach

Email marketing is one of the best channel for return on investment and is really important to maximize the conversion of your content marketing strategy. The team of digital marketing consultants at Entreflow Consulting Group will use our expertise in email marketing best practices to develop and execute an email strategy that is specific to your business and its goals, as well as identify and address any gaps in your conversion funnel. From identifying your target market to plan your marketing campaigns, to creating your email design and optimizing copywriting, we will come up with specific, measurable and data-backed recommendations and reporting that will maximize impact of your e-blasts, promotions, contests or e-newsletters on your business goals and results.

Our Approach

Key Benefits

Email Marketing Strategy

Our team of email marketing consultants will start by developing an email marketing strategy that will allow your business to reach its goals. This will include defining opportunities, identifying customer segments, establishing an email schedule and automation as well as develop content marketing concepts that will be used in your campaigns.

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Design and Programming

Based on your industry trends, as well as emailing and deliverability best practices, our email marketing consultants will work with talented designers and programmers to create custom email designs, templates and copywriting that will catch your prospects attention. Based on your business need, our marketing team and software implementation specialists will find the best emailing tools for your to use to both maximize conversion rates and cost management

List Building and Management

Our email marketing consultants will form a plan to create and expand your email list by optimizing your website for subscription and implementing an optin acquisition strategy. If you have an existing email list, we will help you to organize, develop and manage it so that you get the most out of each contact, without over marketing your list.

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Reporting and Performance

As part of our email marketing service is to perform ongoing reporting and performance tracking that will enable us to determine the success of your campaigns and make continual improvements on your lists, templates and content.

Our Clients Say the Nicest Things

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“They have seriously helped my business get organized and take things that were holding us back from moving forward off of our hands.”

Daniel Moscovitch | More Hot Leads

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“Iain and Helina are super knowledgeable, very personable and have a huge amount of integrity. It’s obvious they really care about helping you and your business succeed.”

Jonathan Mosley | Momentum Business Growth

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“Helina and the team are a joy to work with. They are so down to earth, charismatic and tech savy, that getting help from Entreflow is easy and a breath of fresh air.”

Pax Frias | Restore Human

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Our Team

Entreflow Consulting Group specializes in ensuring the most impactful online presence for each of our marketing clients, either B2B or B2C in Canada. Our team works hard to stay on the forefront of the fast-paced marketing industry and trends to offer comprehensive digital marketing services, including SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Advertising. To deliver impactful marketing results to small businesses and emerging startups, we surround ourselves with top class experienced marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, founders, UX designers and MBAs, that successfully worked for startups and renowned multinationals.

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