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Upgrade your Financial Management Practices for Growth Mode.

Our team of CPA Accountants and Bookkeepers, based in Canada, will close your books monthly, answer accounting questions, provide KPI analysis and give financial management advice.

  • Proactive Financial Management

  • Cloud Accounting Services

  • Kick-Ass Bookkeeping

Our Approach to Accounting & Bookkeeping in Vancouver

Key Benefits of Using Entreflow for Vancouver Accounting & Bookkeeping

Proactive Financial Management

CPA / MBA level monthly financial updates from Vancouver-based Management Accountants & Bookkeepers who care about your success. Beautiful visuals and actionable insights, not just data. Fractional CFO and financial management advice. KPI, budgeting and forecasting. Decision support and what-if analyses. Basically, we help your startup achieve its goals.

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Cloud Accounting Services

We use cloud-based tools and mobile apps to collect data and improve efficiency. We ensure data flows through your ecosystem of accounting software and management systems including Quickbooks and Xero. We also work with desktop/enterprise accounting systems. We make sure you can access your financials and KPIs from anywhere.

Kick-Ass Bookkeeping

Everything required to manage your business financially – from AR to inventory, from bank statements to expense receipts, from payroll to classification.

Real-time bookkeeping. We close your books every month so that you have regular insight.

Our accounting team is spread out across Canada. Our bookkeeping follows Canadian accounting standards and is reviewed or performed by a CPA. Beware of firms who outsource overseas.

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