The Benefits of Virtual Working

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It’s no secret that our world is evolving into an ever more technological era, and it only makes sense that our professional world must also adapt to survive in its surroundings. For those who are a bit slow to the start, there is likely to be a bit of skepticism when deciding whether or not virtual working is right for your company. Allow us to ease your mind, and tell you why it can be the best decision you could make.

You Need This!

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One of the most valuable assets of virtual working is the sheer flexibility and efficiency it gives to employer and employee alike. Take the situation of recruiting as an example; you may be trying to find the perfect person for the position, and while you may have found that superstar you’ve been hoping for, they live a couple of towns away. Virtual options can allow you to offer your candidates to be anywhere, any time through remote working. This also gives the added benefit of zeroing in on the people who are more results oriented, meaning those who like to be given a list of things they need to do, then powering through that. People nowadays don’t like to sit around when they could be doing other things. As this describes most millennials, it gives them a workplace which is more flexible towards personal time and other obligations. With the majority of the younger population having been cultivated to these settings, you can appeal to them, and reel in that prized candidate!

Words to the Wise

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Now don’t get too excited; with every revolutionary shift in our ways, some concerns and causes for hesitation arise. This takes a massive amount of personal management, and an even larger amount of responsibility for the company’s leader. You need to take into account the difficulty of having your employee taking on their own accountability. If the candidate can’t be completely virtual in the way you need them to be, don’t hire them, as well as if they can’t be trusted to manage time properly. 

This is similar to leaving a child at home alone for the first time. If you give them a list of chores to do in a certain time frame, how confident are you that they will get it done? It may take some time to find the person you can trust to get results.

Another factor to consider is that there can be quite a culture division between those who work remotely, and those who don’t. You need to be sure that you are having the entire team keep in constant contact with each other, whether it’s a weekly or monthly meeting in the office, or daily video conferences. Having the raw, face to face interaction keeps everyone feeling like a unit, and not like an outpost of the company.

Use What is There For You

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The absolute best part about this option is that everything you need to do it is already incorporated in our society. There are hundreds of applications, websites, and companies who are locked and loaded, ready to help you streamline your company and its exploration into virtual frontiers. This is the new age version of your parents banging on your door telling you to turn down whatever racket you were listening to way too loud. It’s the new trend that is here to stay. It has already become popular in the field of part-time workers, new parents, tax specialists, basically anyone who wants to work, but the confinement of an outdated office doesn’t fit their lifestyle.

You may notice that many accounting firms have already taken to virtual working as there is so much you can do with Cloud Accounting; meeting with your clients wherever is easiest, crunching through deadlines, checking in on ongoing projects, the possibilities are endless.

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All of this may seem a bit daunting, but the positives far outweigh the negatives; if you can properly manage your team and rework your company so that it thrives off of virtuality, you can conquer the new age of business. If you are worried about managing a virtual team, there are classes that can help you get started, as well as the natural occurrence during hands-on experience. This is the way the world is going, may as well buy a raft and relax down the current.

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