How to Build a Solid Accounting Team

The world of accounting is evolving. It’s unavoidable, it’s happening rapidly, and it’s changing for the better. While you may be up to date on new software, you may find that your company still isn’t cohesive enough. On the other hand, you may be just starting out. You may be feeling the pressure of getting the right team set up for the success you’re looking for. The old way of company hierarchy is out. Having the Senior partners overseeing Senior Accountant CPAs, CPA Candidates and perhaps a handful of bookkeepers creates a workplace of competition instead of collaboration. This unity is what is required to support your company. Staying in the past will result in stale business and unhappy employees.

Establish Your Hiring Process

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Having a solid hiring process in place is the cornerstone to building a good team. If you follow a structure, you are more likely to produce lasting and trustful employees that are ready to help expand and grow your company. 

Build an engaging job ad

This is not the same as a job description, and can be promoted through aggravator websites such as Neuvoo.

Plan to spend some money on posting fees

If you don’t budget for this, you’ll find yourself too hesitant to spend the money, and you won’t properly be able to promote the position. 

Get your team to share the job ad on their social media

Candidates are now turning to social media for job opportunities. Having that presence opens up many new avenues to reaching a younger candidate pool.

Do a phone screening first

A person’s phone presence can be very indicative of their personality. If they are applying for a position that involves communicating with clients over the phone, you want to have a first hand experience of how they come across. They will be the voice of your company.

Do at least two in-person meetings

Allow them to meet and ask questions of the team. This gives them a feel for the existing culture and allows the team to give feedback.

Test their skills

Either in person or formal online skills testing to get a better understanding of their capabilities before they are hired on, this can help prevent employee turnover.

Do reference checks

Candidates will give you access to people that will say nice things about them. Use this opportunity to ask where they will likely need support. This is a non-detrimental question that shows interest while still being thorough with your research.

Do a background check

This usually only takes a couple of weeks to process, and is always a good idea to have.

Create an Intentional Culture

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To build a team, it starts with an intentional culture. You want to make sure that you are treating your employees properly to encourage their loyalty. This can be done through a number of different ways:

Promote learning and development

Implement quarterly reviews to track progress on goals, this will help find opportunities for development.

Promote great communication and collaboration

Encourage the team to reach out to each other or do a working session together to solve complex problems or learn new skills by sharing new technology they may have found.

Offer a meaningful benefits program.

Pay well, offer health benefits, fair vacation days, location flexibility, working hour flexibility. All of these factors will show you care about your employees mental health and overall happiness.

Hire great people

Build a team with diverse skills. This may mean doing a bit of extra searching, but finding the right person can save you money that you would have spent in employee turnover. 

Ensure the processes are well documented

There should be a good onboarding program in place to set the new hires up for success. Use the other team members to support the new hires with some of the training, helping ease your workload.

Give people the tools they need to be successful

Use software to speed up manual and  administrative tasks.

Allow time for training

Don’t hire on a new staff member if you do not have the time or resources to train them. Plan to give them a couple of week where they can learn through webinars (many are free!), seminars, courses, etc.


Share how the business is doing with your team and your goals so that they are engaged to help achieve them.

Team Meetings

Use team meeting time to review challenges and new developments in the industry

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While these points can all be applied to multiple areas of business, these suggestions will help narrow down the hundreds of candidates so you know you are finding the right person. This also helps you know what you need to be doing to create that perfect environment which cultivates a caring and growing ecosystem.

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