How to build a kickass team part 6: Culture building

Once you have your hires complete you are really only just starting on the journey with the new employee. What’s really important at this stage is to build your culture and make sure that those amazing people you have brought onto your team are working together to do amazing things. There are a couple of ways that we recommend that you do so:

Have regular check-ins

You need to make sure that as we mentioned in the previous video on Training and Tracking your employees that you have those one on one’s or team check-ins in place. The one on one’s are great for our management to make sure that everyone is moving along seamlessly in their projects, check in on how the employee is feeling and lend a helping hand where needed. Another check-in that we have found to be unexplainable helpful for our team is that we have a daily scrum. Each morning bright and early before the majority of our team has started their workday we jump on a google hangout and everyone gets 30 seconds to run through their day and what they have going on. We have also found this to be a great opportunity for the team to ask for help from the other team members or be able to quickly schedule a call with the other team members when they are stuck on something. The scrums overall take up 10–15 minutes of each team members day but it saves time in two ways; firstly for the team members who are either able to get their questions answered quickly or are able to book a time to call another team member without having to chase them around all day and secondly for our management team it’s a time to really see who might be too overwhelmed or who might need some more work thrown their way. It’s 50 minutes out of the week which ends up creating a stronger team and saves at least double that in chasing time!

Team Meetings

We have implemented with our team is that we have a team meeting every Friday, with our whole team being remote workers it is nice to have the team get together once a week and talk through problems, reward the team for work well done and be able to really get a sense of what is going on for each person. A couple things that our team loves to do during our team meeting is a quick one win, one challenge and one high five. This is time for each member to say their challenge for the week, their win for the week and high five a team member who helped them out or who they thought went above and beyond that week or just someone they feel should be given a high five early on a Friday morning! The secondary thing that we quite enjoy as a team is that each week someone is elected to do a 15 minute talk about any topic of their choice to inform the team on something that has interested them that week, this time can also be used to tell the team about a new app or program that you think might be useful for the rest of the team to check out. The meeting itself is only a 2 hour sit down and discuss meeting and then we follow that up with a 2 hour break out session where the team has the chance to sit down with other team members and work face to face on the tough projects that they are working on or on some ideas for innovation for our own company to really make us top notch. This is how we at entreflow build our company culture, this obviously isn’t the only way to do it, but it’s definitely working for us!

Tie your team to growth

By allowing your team to have input in on the new app or programs that the organization should be using and having them teach and inform the other team members on interesting topics you are really letting your team dip their toe in the water of the organization. Team meetings can allow the team to really see how everyone is doing and where other members are struggling. When you are announcing each week what projects you have won or that are coming down the line the team really has a fairly good sense as to what the growth of the company is looking like, they know what they are going to be expected to do coming up and it prepares the team better for when that proposal does get signed to really kick things off without a hitch! Seeing growth in an organization will also help motivate the employees to continue doing great things because they know that the better that they do the more people are going to want to work with you. If your team is left in the dark they may not realize if things start to go south and they are then in a false reality state.

Check in on your culture

Culture really is an ongoing piece to your team that is always going to need to be worked on, enforced and retold to the team on a regular basis. It is easy when things get busy to sway away from those weekly items that create your culture but you really need to make sure that you are doing what you can to keep your culture strong and known! Having a team that is all on the same page with the culture and all working towards the same thing, as long as you have your mission, vision, values and goals aligned properly is really going to ensure success long term for your employees and your organization.

That is all that we have on how to build a kickass team! If you missed the other sections be sure to go back and check them out and ask us any questions that you might have.

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