Benefits of Migrating from PC Law to Quickbooks/Xero/Clio Online

Say you’ve been using PC Law for the past while, but you’ve noticed that the workflow isn’t as smooth as you’d like. You may also notice that your competitors are finding it easier to complete tasks. Such as payroll, asset tracking, accepting online payments, and other things you wish you could be doing more efficiently. This is a common case of being stuck in an outdated application. With the unstoppable shift into the Cloud, many companies in various industries are finding the benefits of adapting to the newer, sleeker applications. So why haven’t you? While we understand that legal professionals were previously warned against cloud based software, officials at Slaw; Canada’s legal magazine has  spoken to the addended news that cloud software can be used, if used properly. If you are still feeling a bit apprehensive on the switch, allow us to put your mind at ease. We’ll show you why options like Xero, Quickbooks, and Clio may just be the solution to your oppressive and outdated programs.

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What are the other options?

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This program is designed to consolidate all accounting and payroll needs into one place. Its simple and visually appealing interface helps you to organize client statements, documents, and invoices, keeping you on top of paperwork, by removing the paper!


Used by many lawyer groups, Xero is similar to Quickbooks, though Lisa Needham, editor at Lawyerist argues that Xero is a better option for lawyers.


This CRM is the most specific to Law, it integrates with many other apps you will find yourself using. Clio is used in 90 countries with high satisfaction ratings, definitely a viable option.

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What PC Law isn’t doing for you

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  • PC Law is a desktop software and can’t be integrated to another cloud accounting applications. These are in abundance nowadays. They offer ease to your company in various different ways such as; time tracking, task lists, recruitment, etc.
  • PC Law has limited accounting functions. For example; it can’t track assets and amortize them. Therefore, most law firms use another accounting application.
  • PC Law can’t support online payment applications such as LawPay to collect client retainers in a secure way. This can be a major deterrent for your clients if they are apprehensive about security working with your firm.
  • PC Law can’t offer access to client information remotely. We are in the age of meetings in coffee shops, while in transit, and visits in a space of their choosing. So remote access portrays a sense of professionalism and ingenuity.
  • PC Law can’t record client’s disbursement with backup remotely.
  • PC Law can’t process payroll. Why use numerous different applications when there’s one that does it all?
  • PC Law doesn’t have a mobile app. This ties in with working remotely; imagine the simplicity of pulling up information on the fly using your mobile device. Quick and easy answers for your clients!
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As you can see, even if you aren’t needing a state of the art, super complex system for your practice; there are options that are there just to ease your procedures. It’s safe to say that a fresh new update will prove beneficial to your overall outreach to their clientele. It can’t hurt to take a look at some of the programs we have listed. Or to delve into another one you may have been referred to. They key here is to be using a program that can keep up with everything going on around it.

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