How to build a kickass team part 3: Workflow mastering

This month we are doing a vlog and blog series on How to build a kickass team! If you want to check out the video version of this blog be sure to check out our YouTube page. It includes awesome footage of our cross provincial trip to Calgary. The first part to building a kick-ass team is building a strong foundation, then you want to get your compensation into place. If you missed those be sure to check it out! The third step is to getting your workflow really solid.

Prepped and Ready

As soon as you start hiring people you have to be sure that you have all your workflows in place. Documented and solidified as much as possible. Of course they aren’t going to be perfect so be sure to call out within your workflow documents which parts are a work in progress. So that when a new team member joins they are able to pick up your document and understand exactly what the workflow is. The best way to know if your workflows are solid is to imagine that you are building your business as if you were going to franchise it. You want to have everything in place so that if someone else were to take over operations all they would have to do is “turn they key” and they would be able to get your systems, software and operations running as effective as you do.

workflow mastering 1

Bringing in New People

When you are ready to start bringing in new people it’s really good to get everything that it is in your head, in regards to workflows, documented, so that the new employees can be successful in their work. One way to do this could be to have a visual representation of the workflow in a document with notes about who is responsible for what parts. You could also create a lists of the process, lists are helpful because the team can see the order of operations and the details of what needs to happen in order for a certain process to be successful.

Ready for Future Hires

Next you want to determine the next key person you need to hire that would make the biggest benefit to your business. When you are hiring a team you really want to think of this as a chance to get things off of your plate so that you can focus on growing the business. So the key person that you would want to hire to ensure business growth is the person that is going to be able to take the most off of your plate. So you want to focus on those workflows and hires first because they are going to have the biggest impact right away to your business. It allows you then to focus on what you do best which is more than likely sales!

Workflows are one of our favourite things to do as a company, we have vamped numerous workflows for businesses in all industries. If feel as though your workflows aren’t up to scratch then give us a call, we will do a free consultation so that we make recommendations on what your workflow is missing!

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