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Xero Setup and Implementation

If you do set up Xero wrong or you miss something, you're going to lose so much time, money and hair trying to work around or fix it. Please get someone who understands workflow, data flow, reporting, sales tax, payroll tax, costing, etc. to set Xero up for you. That's us. We're CPAs and specialists in management software and management accounting.

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What you get with Entreflow Accountants

Workflow and Requirements Definition

Fully understand your Xero workflow for invoicing, payments, inventory, payroll, etc. - how we can set things up to avoid pointless admin, errors and missing information that grind your business to a halt. Design your chart of accounts so that you'll be able to create useful financial statements, reports and analysis. Review catch-up/corrective bookkeeping needs.

Implementation - We are Xero Specialists

Creating the Xero account is easy. The heavy lifting comes with setting it up correctly: defining template documents and forms, sales tax, branding, user account creation and roles, defining lists and properties for products and services, payroll setup, chart-of-account creation/modification, catch-up bookkeeping, reclassification, etc., and cloud software app integrations. You know, getting everything to work in harmony as one well oiled machine.

Xero Skills for You

Once the system is set up, we'll train you and your operations team on how to use it properly. If everyone is on the same page with what process to follow and knows how to use the system to execute, you'll get the best value. Or, you know ... you could just hack at it and hope for the best 😉

Our Clients Say the Nicest Things...

About Us: We're Xero Experts in Vancouver, We're Here To Help

We're CPAs, MBAs, CPBs with decades of experience as consultants and as key players in the corporate world. We’ve started from scratch, been in and reported into the C-Suite, won awards, and have complex accounting knowledge. We have built businesses from the ground up ourselves. We know the burdens, the excitement, the highs and the lows, the dreams and the reality. We really love this stuff. Plus we’re really nice, dynamic people with tons of intelligence and business know-how. Why not let us help you navigate around – or avoid completely – those bumps in the road that inhibit your business growth?

Who We Work With:

    Helina Patience

    CEO, Financial Management Consultant
    CPA, CMA, B.Ed.

    Long-term international experience in finance and training, HR consulting and HR management.

    Managed HR and compensation for MoneyMart, provided financial guidance for the C-Suite at Lululemon, launched a nanny agency.

    Really enjoys all aspects of financial management and analysis, business decision support, human resources management including recruiting and compensation management

    Helina holds a B. Ed and is a CPA, CMA. She is revered by her clients.

    Iain Rogers

    Growth Consultant
    MBA, MBA, B.Sc

    Grew a tech start-up to profitability, quadrupling revenues. Consulted for major software developers and other technology and manufacturing and services business throughout North America. Founded an innovative mobile mechanic start-up, then grew and sold the brand.

    Loves, and is an expert in, commercializing new products, market strategy, strategic alliances, business planning and governance, business development and management systems implementation.

    Iain holds an MBA from Queen’s University and an MBA from Cornell University, and comes with awesome references.

    Stephen Luo, CPA, Accountant Consultant

    William Eckhardt - Accountant Consultant CPB, CPA, CGA, MBA

    Peng Chen, Accountant Consultant

    Bori Ilieva - Accountant Consultant, CPA, CMA, MAcc

    Anil Sharma - Accountant Consultant

    Justin Chan - Accountant, Implementation Specialist

    Bronwen Kenyon, Recruiter, Operations Admin

    Marina Lurye - Accountant Consultant

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