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Flat Fee Recruiting Service

Can't grow fast enough? Spending $20,000+ with traditional recruiters and getting pressured to hire? Spending your own strategic time on low-quality candidates? Growing companies need to define brand-new roles, understand how they will change, figure out what works and build a predictable candidate pipe. That's recruitment + strategic HR. We do that. Really well.

What you get with Entreflow Recruitment

HR Consulting for the Perfect Role

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, we analyse responsibilities for the role today and consider how it will change in your quickly changing organization, and we provide compensation plan advice suitable for growing companies. This ensures that you are searching for the right people for the right role before hiring starts.

Our Applicant Tracking System, Your Recruitment Pipeline

We use cloud-based tools to manage posting, capture every applicant and track all activities. Basically you're getting an ATS system that would normally cost thousands to implement, included in our service. You have visibility, you can collaborate, and you ultimately own the candidate pool.

Kick Ass Recruiting for the Best Hires

Always-on, seasoned recruiters in Vancouver BC find the best candidates using the newest digital marketing techniques techniques. Experience from 1000's of interviews helps us see bad eggs and capture the best. Skills and personality tests ensure fit.

Our Clients Say the Nicest Things...

Key Benefits of Recruiting with Entreflow

  1. Recruitment meets HR Consulting – start by designing the role correctly, then hiring. Also consider how company growth will affect this role.
  2. Recruiting for growth – we understand start-ups and growth companies, the culture, the rapid shifts, and how to hire people that thrive.
  3. Save time – of course we save you the leg-work of posting jobs, screening resumes and phone screens. We also won’t waste your time with candidates you won’t hire.
  4. Hire the perfect fit –we find A-list employees and eliminate idiots.
  5. Close the deal – ensure the candidate accepts your offer.

The Alternatives

We're Here To Help

We're MBA's and Career Coaches with decades of experience as Talent Consultants and as key players in the corporate world. We’ve started from scratch, been in and reported into the C-Suite, won awards, and have managed teams. We have built businesses from the ground up ourselves. We know the burdens, the excitement, the highs and the lows, the dreams and the reality. We really love this stuff. Plus we’re really nice, dynamic people with tons of intelligence and business know-how. Why not let us help you navigate around – or avoid completely – those bumps in the road that inhibit your business growth?

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