Human Resources Management

Practical support for growing teams


Entreflow consultants have worked in start-ups and large global corporations, run small and growing businesses and we understand what it really means to build a team. We have felt the pressure of finding the right people quickly and the pain of managing and losing the wrong people as roles and relationships evolve.

We run recruitment on behalf of our clients. We run values workshops. We help companies run the numbers on hiring decisions and forecasts. We have designed and managed compensation plans for companies from 2 employees to 8000+ employees. We instil best practices to ensure alignment and we show teams what is possible.

key benefits

  1. Get the professional support you need to create the team you always wanted

  2. Eliminate worries about compliance knowing you have all your questions answered and that you are following rules correctly

  3. Trust that you are paying your team effectively and motivating great behaviour through world class compensation packages

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Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'What's in it for me?'
- Brian Tracy

Planning and Budgeting

Org chart planning
Define roles
Budget and forecast
Recruiting & Hiring Support

Create winning job posts and job descriptions
Manage postings and applications
Candidate screening and interview support
Culture and Values Workshops

How to grow and maintain a great workplace
Build behaviours and communication practices for profitability
Compensation and Alignment

Performance management
Design incentives for alignment
Administer profit share and bonus payouts

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