Business & Management Systems/Software Implementation

You’re not a fortune 500 company and you don’t need a million dollar ERP. But you could save so much time, and capture so much opportunity if you had a system.



Get a System

  • Accounting system implementation
  • CRM – customer relationship management system implementation
  • Email marketing or marketing automation system implementation
  • Field services management system implementation
  • Requirements management system implementation
  • Production management system implementation
  • Project management system implementation
  • Business intelligence and analytics systems implementation
  • Inventory management system implementation

The Process

  1. Understand business processes
  2. Understand data and system integration points
  3. Identify opportunities for automation
  4. Identify technology solutions
  5. Identify people solutions
  6. Gather inputs for configuration (addresses, user accounts, etc.)
  7. Configure system
  8. Integrate data sources
  9. Upload or input data
  10. Staff training
  11. Go-live


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