About You

If you’re up to big things – or you’re heading that way – and have too much on your plate, give us a call today. We can help. Really. Put simply, you use our expertise for vital business activities that you don’t have time or skills to manage. You hand us the strategic initiatives that you’d love to take on if you had the time or expertise. You are freed up to enjoy building your business.


The two challenges of management can be defined as
(1) knowing the most effective solution to a problem and
(2) knowing which problems to solve first. 
That’s where our objectivity can bring you some huge benefits.

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What are you up to?

  • Launching and growing new businesses, and divisions
  • Finding new markets for expansion
  • Product launches
  • Marketing automation, and market planning
  • Re-purposing established technology
  • Innovative business methodologies
  • How to win/compete/grow efficiently
  • Positioning for merger/acquisition
  • HR consulting and recruiting
  • Business analysis
  • Financial planning, book-keeping, Quickbooks implementations
  • IT systems implementation
  • SEO, social media
  • Digital marketing
  • Salesforce / CRM implementation
  • Corporate communications/PR/media training
  • Branding and image

Find out how our team can help you.

When will you need us?

  • when you’re trying to grow, expand or increase profitability
  • when you realize that you and your staff can’t do it all
  • when you have no time for a fulfilling personal life
  • when you’re over-stressed and not enjoying building your business
  • when you want focus on the parts of your business that you’re best at, and enjoy the most

 Management Consultants Vancouver, BC

Our Clients

We are not traditional management consultants. And we’re smart enough to know we are not always the best fit for all clients. 

Our most successful partnerships are with clients who are…

  • Start-ups, or dynamic companies with a track record
  • Launching new products/services
  • Looking for investors, partners or executives
  • Acquiring companies or technologies
  • Growing a team and a culture, and creating a brand
  • Expanding into new markets
  • Recognizing they have more opportunities than time
  • Strongly committed to their vision and prepared to invest resources
  • AND (most frequently) who encounter major stresses and need business support


Management Consultants Vancouver, BC

We form strong strategic relationships with capable, focused leaders:

  • Whose time/skills are stretched too thin
  • Who feel like a piece of elastic
  • Who realize they cannot “do” everything
  • Who are stressed by crazy workload and time limitations
  • Whose time is consumed by business tasks they don’t enjoy
  • Who are dynamic and nimble in their growth outlook
  • Who know that surrounding yourself with talent ensures success
  • Who want to spend more time on family and recreational activities.


Management Consultants For Startups

Who we’ve worked with

Lulu Lemon, Money Mart, Gemcom, Syscon Justice Systems, Peterson CAT, Solidworks, Pall Corp., Tangence Inc., Peek Performance, Iversoft, Azul Systems, Arrow, Macfanatic, KaiZen Creative Group, Plane Creative, VoltSafe, LIT Labs, AudioGem, Citrix, Cybermation (Computer Associates), Wrench Patrol, Octopus Village, InstaMek